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ISDN Holdings


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For 30+ years, ISDN has helped customers throughout Asia advance their capabilities. Today, our Industry 4.0 solutions are working to transform Asia’s industrial future. Our technologies power advanced industries from semiconductor manufacturing to medical devices, from smart factories to 5G networks.


We're not just suppliers of future industry:  we look to embody Asia's sustainable industrial future. Today, ISDN solutions help powers electric vehicles and upgradable machines that reduce electronic waste.  We have sponsored 3 hydropower plants that have already begun to deliver clean energy to rural communities in Asia. 

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Our vision

We're powering  the transformation of
Asia’s industrial future.


We work with customers to create an automated and sustainable future for Asia’s industry.


We embody our values, growing stakeholder value sustainably for our customers, employees, investors, and the communities where we live and work.

Our mission

To be the leading industrial automation partner for our customers.

We grow customer and stakeholder value by growing our powerful advantages:


  • Experience delivering advanced solutions to over 10,000 customers over 30 years of history.

  • Talent with our entrepreneurial and technically-skilled employees and partners.

  • Scale with our access to global technologies and our market reach across Asia.

  • Diversification across industries, technologies, and geographies.

  • Sustainability embodied in our commitment to clean automation, clean future industries, and equity growth for all business stakeholders. 

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